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About Local Market 360

It all started back in 2006 when I was talking to my landscaper about cutting my yard.  I offered to build him a website and get it to show up in Google if he would do my yard.  He said what do you mean, show up in Google?  I said well there is this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and if you know how to do it right then your website will show up for different services you provide.  Just tell me what you do and draw a circle around your service area.  I will get your business to show up in that market…ie Local Market 360.

Things have evolved since then but the concept is the same.  The idea behind the name is still totally relevant.  It’s just hard for people to understand the name when we are talking.  Anyway, today I still focus on helping local business owners by either managing or creating a search engine friendly, mobile website, getting it to show up in Google for lots of local keywords and then also increasing their sales by doing very targeted offers in Facebook.  Most of my clients do not even know how Facebook Ads work let alone how you can target home owners who look and behave exactly like their clients do.  It’s mind blowing once you understand it.  But that’s the challenge. And that’s what I love doing.

Rich French
Local Market 360


Let’s Talk About How to Draw a Circle Around Your Local Market