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If you own a successful local business then Google wants you to show up on the first page.  But you have to tell Google who you are, what you do and where you do it.  It's basically a popularity contest and there can only be one company in first place.

The secret to showing up on the first page of Google is hiding in plain site.  You just have to be better than the company they have in that position today.  That means your website has to be setup with the right information on each page and you need more people linking to your website.  That's how you get to the top of Google.

Not sure how this works?  I can help.  Email me any time, and I can show you how to start showing up more in Google.  

Rich French  

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Local search has evolved a lot over the last ten years but the basics have not changed.  


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Rich was our local search campaign manager for a few years when he was at Brandify, and he really helped us get our stores to show up in Google and all the other local directories.  With over 450 stores throughout the country, that is quite a task.  The store hours alone are almost a full time job with all the holiday hours we have to update.  Highly recommend working with Rich on local search projects.   Now go update your hours of operation!

Carla Marienau, The Buckle Stores

Our website looked great but we had not spent any time optimizing it for local search.  Rich has been working his magic on our site and we are now not only showing up for different new york city search terms but people are now filling out the lead capture form he added to the home page.  It's great to see that people are finding us in Google and sending us leads like rich said.  If you need a local marketing campaign manager that knows what he's doing, I'd talk definitely recommend talking to Rich.

Sal Italiano, Tower Signs New York

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